Breaking your headphones’ warranty for absolutely no reason

I recently purchased a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones for the occasions when I need to wear some closed back headphones. But, as someone who can’t just let things be, I decided to aggressively modify these already perfectly good enough headphones. Not because I wanted to get better sound from them (I have no… Continue reading Breaking your headphones’ warranty for absolutely no reason

Why I love Kentmere Films

Generally considered Ilford’s budget brand, I’ve grown to love Kentmere’s two films, Pan 100 and Pan 400. Because the films are somewhat newer (first released in 2009), and because it usually sits on the “student” shelf at stores, these great films are frequently neglected by photographers who would rather go to the more well known… Continue reading Why I love Kentmere Films

Photography, without a Light Meter

One of the nicest convenience features many film cameras come with is a built in light meter. Having one allows you to focus less on making sure the exposure is right and more on the composition of the photo. But sometimes you won’t have a meter. Maybe your batteries died in the middle of shoot.… Continue reading Photography, without a Light Meter

Tiny but Mighty, the Olympus OM-2

If there’s any camera line that seems to be consistently underrated, it’s the Olympus OM line. Because of their diminutive size, commenters across the internet frequently miss that these machines were marketed at professional audiences. But by dismissing these incredibly capable cameras, people lose out on using some of the best and most capable cameras… Continue reading Tiny but Mighty, the Olympus OM-2

Developing Black and White Film on Easy Mode

One of the things that made me super nervous just thinking about developing film at home was that thought in the back of my head asking “but what if I screw it up?” Disclaimer: If you’ve never developed film before, you’re going to need to combine it with a different guide for learning to develop.… Continue reading Developing Black and White Film on Easy Mode

The Leica Trap

No other camera line has a following anywhere near as large as the Leica M line. Certainly, there are pockets of the internet devoted to other cameras, and many photographers will freely tell you why whatever brand they’re using is the best. But very rarely will you hear someone speak about, say, the Nikon F,… Continue reading The Leica Trap

What film should I use?

An assortment of 35mm films

After buying, inheriting, or otherwise acquiring a film camera, the first question you’re probably asking yourself is “what film should I use?” Unfortunately, just like the earlier question of “what camera should I shoot?”, there’s not a clear, immediate answer. Okay, so that’s not entirely true. My personal opinion is that you can’t go wrong… Continue reading What film should I use?